For the project I used different sources for the PCB's, dependent from the complexity of the schematic. It make no sense to develop all circuits new, because there are 70years of experience in analog synthesizer available on earth. Therefore I used also finished circuits from different webpages or books.

For the VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) I bought 2 unassembled PCB's  from the MFOs Webpage, because this is the complexist  circuit and otherwise a project in itself. The other PCB's I was etching and assemblied by myself.


As following you will find a simple way to manufacture PCB's by self.

  1. print out you layout in the right scale and mirrored.
  2. cutting out the PCB material and glue with scotch tape the layout on it.
  3. drilling the vias
  4. clean the copper hard sponge for PCB's
  5. draw the layout with a waterproof black pen
  6. etch the PCB
  7. clean the PCB with alcohol or lighter fluid
  8. equipping or assambly of the PCB
  9. commissioning of PCB